Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"It's like 'Johnny Mnemonic' with masks and swords!"

I probably shouldn't be as snarky about the idea of a sci-fi Zorro movie as I'm instantly inclined to be.

It's not necessarily automatically a bad idea, as much as I've got to think it's going to be a disaster. There's something to be said for using a character with recognizable cultural/mythic weight in a new environment--I don't think League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would be perceived as positively as it is if it were using analogues for Mina Harker, Alan Quatermain, et al, or even wholly original characters. Same thing goes for Dark Knight Returns and Batman Beyond. Of course, on the other hand you've got Rocket Robin Hood...

Is Zorro public domain?



In other news, it looks like I and my co-writer will be getting all rights to THREADS returned to us. THREADS is high up in the list of favourite scripts I've worked on, so getting it back--if we actually do, I believe nothing until the paperwork is signed--is definitely a Good Thing.


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