Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things I Hate #4,527, or Why I Make A Lousy Co-Writer

Compromising in a situation where I'm 100% right and the person I'm compromising with is 100% wrong. Now we're both going to look like we were only 50% right - if we're lucky - and if I think about it anymore it'll drive me completely round the bend.


The idea that someone might end up judging my work based on creative decisions I didn't make (or actively opposed) is one of those things that really horrifies me. If my name goes on something, I'd really like to be proud of it. "Good enough" is what you say when you run out of time, not when it'd be more convenient to move onto the next thing.

I can't even go on writing about this. Little explosions of translucent light and colour are popping in front of my eyes, my head is pounding. I think I may have given myself a stroke.



Scott said...

Yeah, well, we never did fully agree on the ending to IRON WILL.

Because I'm 100% right.


Aw, hell, I don't even remeber WHAT my ending WAS. Doesn't change the fact I was RIGHT!

FS said...

That's fair! I feel the same way about handing my work off to others (especially strangers!) to ink or colour.