Monday, August 10, 2009

Some Housekeeping Notes


So just before I hit "publish" on my last post, I thought, "Hmmm...I can't be the first one to think of this; someone else must have done something with Barackest Night." So I googled "Barackest Night" and it appeared that nope, I was free and clear. Sometime after I posted, I googled Barackest Night--without the quotes--and was mortified to discover the existence of this.

So, for what it's worth, I want to publicly apologize to J. Caleb Mozzocco for accidentally stealing his bit. On the upside, as far as I can tell, pretty much nobody read the thing.



“Oh $#!&.”

These were the first words out of my mouth when I received Christopher Bird’s reply to my inquiry regarding his recent call for new co-bloggers at Said inquiry consisted of me telling him who I was, what I’d done that might make me seem like a feasible addition to MGK, and showing him the "Barackest Night" post.

This was actually done in a transparent attempt to get him to link to that particular post, which I maintain is pretty funny even though it sunk like a stone with whatever readership this blog has. What I didn’t expect was the reply I got, which was basically, “OK, let’s give it a shot and see how it goes.”

My first two MGK posts can be found here and here.

What this means for this blog is that anything that fits into the "Well I thought it was funny" category's probably going to end up over at MGK, while this will become slightly dryer in tone. Also, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I spent a lot of time here dissecting posts I made there. We'll see.



Friend of the blog Robert Burke Richardson has a new strip appearing in August's contest, ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE. Currently it's got the top spot; it'd be nice to see it hold it till month's end. Go read it, and if you like it or are otherwise inclined to give Robert & Co. a hand, register at Zuda if you haven't already and vote for it.



For those interested in comics creation who're in the Edmonton area and don't already know, at 1:00PM on Sunday, August 23 at Happy Harbor Comics' V1 location, I'll be doing a powerpoint presentation on Jay Bardyla and Daniel Schneider's comic FLIGHTLESS. Basically, I'll be going through it, probably on a panel-by-panel basis, and doing more or less what I do when I'm hired to edit a comic, pinpoint problems, try and offer solutions, and generally nitpick the thing into submission. This process is generally not a lot of fun for me or the people I'm critiquing, so I don't know that it'll be a particularly entertaining show. That said, I do think it's an important part of the creative process that a lot of people, especially those new to the industry, would be well-served to understand, as in the absence of an editor it falls on creators' shoulders to ensure their work is as good as it possibly can be.


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