Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Progress of a sort is being made, or at least it was till the heat rammed into my body like an out-of-control freight train about an hour ago. Still, I'm a solid 10 comic pages of script into Chimaera's Canadian Champion Contingent, and Nick Johnson and the artist for Web Project 1 both seem to be gearing up to get down to work.

For myself, I shall just be getting down to sleep, I suspect. The heat around these parts is already atrocious, and it's supposedly going to rise to 33 degrees on Thursday. I've got a feeling I'll be doing whatever work I get done in the next few days in the living room under the giant fan.

There's something very pleasing about being unable to sleep because you're running story scenes through in your head and then you get up and several hours later, boom, you've got ten pages of those scenes plus a couple others written.

The CCCC book is going to be fun, in a completely different way than TITUS: HEROIC FAILURE is fun. CCCC will be good, clean fun; THF is bad, nasty fun.

If we sell more than a thousand copies of each issue, I'll fall out of my chair.


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