Friday, July 6, 2007

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Chimaera head honcho George Singley likes the first issue script of CCCC (not its final name), and furthermore likes my idea for promoting it on this side of the border. I hope we can pull this one together. Was up half the night sweating in the ridiculous heat thinking about #2.



Just pitched my TV Show Idea to the manager. She's lukewarm at best on the idea of me pitching a show from my current position as Absolutely No One in the industry, but I gave it my best shot. If she doesn't think it has a chance, I'll go back to sitting on it till it does. A few more years wait shouldn't hurt. Unless someone else scoops the idea, which is the sort of thing someone should've come up with years ago, but, as far as I can tell, hasn't.

Even if someone else does come up with it, I've got other ideas (this one is the One That Will Only Work As A Television Serial and Not As a Comic, Film, or Anything Else). The Token Goblin could make an interesting television show, if the budget was there...



Sounds like a local filmmaker's come across D2D and Parting Ways. A mutual acquaintance tells me we'll be "doing a meeting" sometime in the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, D2D is doing the rounds in H'wood, being sent to people the Manager thinks will get it. The trick with D2D when it comes to H'wood, apparently, is that it's a hybrid--a horror and a comedy. Or, as the Manager described it, "cool and unique but tough to sell."

I have a hard time coming to terms with the existence of an entertainment industry that isn't chomping at the bit to buy stories that are both cool and unique, but given what I've heard about H'wood from People Who'd Know, the place is ass-backwards when it comes to entertainment. There's too much money involved; nobody wants to/feels they can afford to take any risks. Or, as someone put it (I think I got it off Steven Grant, but I could be wrong and even if I'm not, it might not have originated with him), "Nobody in H'wood wants to be first; everyone wants to be first to be second."

The sequel is King.


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