Monday, January 14, 2008


Dental problems continue to vex me, and the last minute rush to get the second installment of THE HOLIDAY MEN up in 13 hours or so has me preoccupied. Still, some interesting stuff to read kicking around the web this morning...

I'm the Guest Writer at this month's Writer's Corner at the Edmonton Public Library. Not entirely sure what I'll be doing there, yet. From what I can tell, the format of the gatherings is extremely flexible, but I'll probably be reading from a couple things, just because I like doing that and I haven't had a chance to do it publicly for a year and a half.

From Dirk Deppey's !journalista!: As much as it pains me to find myself siding with long-time personal irritant and serial fuckwit Ezra Levant, if there isn't more to this story than he's being forced to defend himself legally for simply reprinting (presumably with the cartoonists' permission) the infamous Danish anti-Mohammed cartoons, well, damn it, I guess there is something to that whole strange bedfellows thing after all. Now will somebody please get this asshole out of my bed?

SF Author Lyda Morehouse on how supposedly negative emotional states can inspire productivity. Speaking for myself, jealousy and competitiveness have long been major personal

From Todd Allen's column at A link to the Hollywood option document for Platinum's COWBOYS & ALIENS. I'm going to need to be in a substantially better mood than I have been for the last 15-odd years before I read it.

Warren Ellis is letting independent comic creators plug their work at his Whitechapel forum.

A little more than twelve hours till the new installment of THE HOLIDAY MEN goes live at I'm still getting butterflies in my stomach from getting it out there...

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