Friday, April 11, 2008

Weather's changing/head's throbbing, and much time is being spent familiarizing myself with the new editorial process. As a result: short post.

Today's Quote of the Day come from Fantagraphics designer Jacob Covey. The post is specifically about the shortcomics of the movie poster triptych for Frank Miller's Sin City II--I mean, Will Eisner's The Spirit, but a more general comment sprung out at me as something I wish more people would recognize as VERY, VERY TRUE:

"...graphic design is a field that is currently in a position of finally being understood and valued by the mainstream culture while becoming overrun with unconsidered value for novelty and the idea that anyone with a computer is a designer..."

(via Journalista)



"Do you have any idea how many Star Wars geeks would shop at a place called the Darth Mall?"


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