Monday, January 12, 2009

Quantum Sleep

If there's one sure way I know it's been too long since I posted last, it's when my mother calls up to make sure everything's still all right. So here's the update:

I lost most of last week to insomnia. I've never had it go several consecutive days like that before, and flying spaghetti monster willing, I hope never to have to go through it again. My brain melted into a toxic sludge, I had to concentrate to not see double, and, while I have slept a lot better the last few nights, I'm still recovering, physically, mentally, and work-wise.



On the work front:

-the paperwork for the agreement with Hollywood Producer 1, Scott O. Brown, and me is almost finalized. We're literally three words away from having it nailed down, after which there will be nine months of seeing what happens next, if anything.

-the spec screenplay for Hollywood Producer 2 was what really took the hit last week. I'm at least a couple polishes away from being comfortable calling what I've got a first draft; it's still forty pages too long; and in a fit of optimism, I told Hollywood Managers I'd have them a first draft by Sunday, which I'm fudging to mean first thing Monday morning.

-I just realized I was going to follow up with Comic Editor today and didn't yet. Bugger.

-there's now a Hollywood Producer 3 in the picture, who's interested enough in a spec pilot script I wrote that we're going to be talking about it on Wednesday. This will be preceded tomorrow by what's looking to turn into a traditional pep talk phone call from Hollywood Managers tomorrow, to tell me what to expect when I talk to HP3. So far, the only thing I know is that he thinks the spec needs to be darker in order for him to sell it. This is probably the first time in the history of the universe anyone's ever looked at something I wrote and though it needed to be darker. Naturally, my first instinct is to not want to go that direction, but I will, because he's a Hollywood Producer and Money is Nice.

-The Future of Comics (II) John Keane has finished his wholesale revision of the initial Spooky Kids storyline up to page 7.

-The newest Future of Comics (III) Nick Johnson has penciled the first two pages of the second Holiday Men storyline. This one's forcing him to stretch a bit as an artist, which is probably good for him as an artist but lousy for the schedule.

-I want to go to the New York Con.

-I'm not going to go to the New York Con.

-I want to go to the San Diego Con.

-No, seriously. I do.

-Might...MIGHT be able to pull that one off. Mmmmmmaybe...

-Really feeling the desire to produce some comics work. Screenplays are fun and likely more lucrative, but I miss doing comics.

-By "doing" I mean writing them. Looks like there'll be more editing work coming my way from Zeros2Heroes soonish. Which I'm really happy about, because getting paid rocks. But I could be happier, if I was getting paid to write, and happier still if I was getting paid to write comics.



TVtropolis is rerunning ONCE A THIEF Monday mornings at 10:00! This is truly awesome.

Showcase has started running the sequel to the British LIFE ON MARS television series, ASHES TO ASHES, Sundays at...1:00, I think. I discovered that in time to catch the first episode entirely by happy accident.

SCRUBS is back on Tuesday nights. And it's been gone just long enough for me to miss it enough to start enjoying the stuff that used to grate a little again.


LEVERAGE is a lot of fun.

What does this all mean? Mostly that I'll be able to keep track of what day it is again...

There. Happy now, Mom?



Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about all the insomnia... I know how you feel though, stress can really put a cramp in a good nights sleep, which of course, elevates it just a little bit more each time until the mountain of stress crushes the foundation sanity and endurance, at which point, reluctantly, sleep does come. I do find in the worst circumstances, hard alcohol is a good sleep aid but like any sleep aid, it is a little addictive ;-) Hope you are feeling better

Unknown said...

One more comment.... good selection of tv to watch... I've been waiting for Battlestar Galactica for a while now myself. Now normally I wouldn't promote a sitcom but Niel Patrick Haris is over the top funny in this one. You should check out, how I met your mother, very very funny stuff. It's a guilty pleasure, what can I say :-)

FS said...

Yeaaahhh San Diego! Yeeeaaahhh BSG!