Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Subtle but Important Distinction

During a conversation between me, Tiina, and my friend Rhonda:

Tiina: Andrew's slowing us down on the bathroom renovations.

Andrew (in a surly mumble): I'm not slowing us down; we can't afford paint.

Rhonda: What was that?

Tiina: It was just Andrew being frugal.

Andrew: It's not Andrew being frugal, it's Andrew being POOR.

(Also, in spite of his protests, Andrew doesn't really want to paint the bathroom, or any other room ever again in his life. Unfortunately, he doesn't really want anyone else who's available to paint the bathroom, because he's the former professional commercial painter and it's his bathroom too and not doing it would...just be...bad.)


In other news, I'm really dreading running out of the sleeping pill prescription I got last week. Also, I rearranged the bedroom, which turned out to have more things living in it than you might expect, or, in my case, hope. The bed was a pandora's box; what was within (or underneath, as the case may be) should never have been allowed to see the light of day. I seem to recall someone using the term "squicky" recently; I believe I now know what it means.


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