Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Because Mom Worries

Not a whole lot happening the last few days. Finished the latest revision of a script for the managers and Big Hollywood Producer (I) Sunday night, spent most of Monday decompressing, reading, and feeling like I should be working on the next thing (the next thing's almost certainly going to be a script revision for Somewhat Smaller but Still Well-Established Hollywood Producer that's several million light years in tone and subject matter from the just-finished one.)

Tuesday I decompressed some more, read, and wrote a 1600 word ramble on a project I'm hoping to work with The Future of Comics (III) Nick Johnson on. It originated with Nick and about half of it was me making an argument in favour of doing something with the project he'd already established he'd rather not do, so we'll see how that goes.

Today I read and started puttering around with something I've tentatively called The Monster Matrix. It's not a story or even an idea for a story. I'm not sure exactly what it is, actually. I came across an interesting piece of speculative trivia a few months back and I know there's a story there, but I'm having a hell of a time finding it. In the meantime, the research for this hypothetical story is filling my brain with all sorts of interesting stuff, but nothing's gelling in a way that's useful just yet. Which is probably just as well, as I've got at least three things I ought to be working on before developing something else entirely.

Why yes, that was a clumsily obvious attempt to passive-aggressively cajole the cosmos into giving me a lightning bolt of inspiration. Do you think the cosmos noticed?


In other Future of Comics News, Fiona Staples has an interview on Newsarama. Readsies!



FS said...

Congrats Nick, you finally earned Future of Comics status!

MR. NICK said...

Yay! I was expecting something more like "The Bastard Son of Comics I."

But this works, too:)