Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Alter Ego

Over at Zeros 2 Heroes, a site I seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with, someone asked people to describe the superpowered alter egos they would have if they had superpowered alter egos, in terms of Hero/Villain?, Name, Costume, Origin, and Quirks and facts.

I don't think what I provided was quite what they had in mind, but it amused me, so here it is:

Hero/villain: Probably a villain, but he wouldn't do anything actually criminal. He'd just not be the kind of person a superhero would want to hang around with.

Name: The Bummer.

Costume: A large, food-stained nightshirt with pajama pants and slippers, holes with socks around them. And a domino mask.

Origin: One day Andrew realized it wasn't just his generally bleak outlook that brought other people down, but his mere presence. Maybe it was pheremones, maybe it was the withering sarcasm, maybe it was the general ennui he carried with him every waking moment, but no optimism could be exposed to him for more than a couple minutes before withering and dying. Misery Loves Company, so The Bummer sallied forth from his Hidden Lair (carefully disguised as his bedroom) and began to spread dark thoughts and despair wherever he went.

Quirks and facts: Ironically, The Bummer actually has a superhuman sense of humour. He can find something to laugh at in almost every situation, no matter how inappropriate. His funeral will be the second most entertaining event he's ever coordinated.


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