Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh, dear lord II

Having read one of my earlier posts in the week, HOLIDAY MEN artist Nick Johnson has taken it upon himself to start referring to me as Skipper (a nickname I've somehow avoided up till this point.)

He is also agitating in favour of a scheme that would see us dress up as Gilligan and The Skipper at some future signing event. This is unlikely to happen, though I might be convinced to go as Mary-Anne.

Making matters worse, I noticed that in one of my last e-mails back to Nick I actually referred to him as "Little Buddy", only recognizing the pop cultural significance of the phrase after I hit Send.


I actually used to do an exceptionally brief comedy bit I called Dark Gilligan, back when I was in my black floppy sun/Gilligan-style hat phase. Basically, I'd lean back on something, bend my head down so the brim of the hat blocked my eyes, make like I was taking a last drag on a cigarette before flicking the butt away. Then I'd look up just enough so I could give a Clint Eastwood glare from under the hat brim at whoever was around and say, "F*** you, Skipper."

And then I'd laugh and laugh.


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