Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dirty, dirty anonymity.

I have never, until this evening, posted anything online under an alias. I'm not even entirely sure why I used an alias when posting in the comments for this article by Nikki Finke on the Oscars--an article that was apparently linked to by Matt Drudge, which resulted in a long, long, looooong string of comments from the perspective of the extreme right (the vast majority of which were under alias--I have it in my head that was part of my rationale for not IDing myself, but my head's hardly in trustworthy condition right now, and if that was the case, in retrospect that strikes me as rationalizing cowardice).

My head's been throbbing for the better part of three days now--I don't know if I'm just having an extremely bad reaction to shifting air pressure or whether I'm coming down with another sinus infection, but in terms of discomfort level, it might as well be the latter. And the string of bile-filled rants in the thread just got to me, to the point that I wrote the following under the alias True America First (I strongly suggest reading twenty or so of the comments to get a sense of the flavour of the thread, bitter though it is):

Hollywood is full of traitorous pinko swine who ought to be strung up from the nearest tree for voicing the opinion that THE GREATEST AMERICAN PRESIDENT EVER, GEORGE W. BUSH, was anything other than the best thing to happen to the world since Jesus rose from the grave and ascended to his place at the right hand of his most holy father.

They continue to sing the praises of anti-American, left-wing, brain-dead, communist, homosexual, atheistic, anti-family, pro-abortion, anti-segregationist, union-supporting, democrat TRAITORS like Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn, and that dark-skinned kid from Slumdog Millionaire–while ignoring the films that REAL PEOPLE who actually WORK for a living and think apple pie is just fine, thank you, support, like AMERICAN Carol and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I can’t imagine how they can sleep at night. Oh wait, I can… with their DRUGS and HOMOSEXUAL ORGIES.

Whatever happened to family filmmakers like Walt Disney? At least you could take your kids to his films without worrying that they might end up having something to think about, unlike swill like Wall-E.

Where are the great film stars? Why do we have to suffer exposure to the slightly nuanced, wholly unsavory views of George CLooney or Matt Damon? Where are true PATRIOTS like Duke and Jimmy? I believe they’re out there, even in Hollywood, but they’ve been driven underground–they must suppress their righteous views, for fear of being blacklisted and sodomized by their peers.

WHy does no one make films like Frank Capra’s anymore, films with REAL AMERICAN values and no color? Why would anyone WANT to make a movie about a sexual deviant politician (and worse than that, a democrat) or a low-class wrestler willing to die for the opportunity to perform, let alone watch one? Just because they’re well-made films with interesting topics doesn’t mean they’re any GOOD. They’re awful. Nobody, NOT A SINGLE PERSON who doesn’t live in the moral cesspools of New York and Hollywood wants to see movies like that, and that’s a 100% true, no BS, no exaggeration fact! I don’t live in either of those cities, and everyone else who also doesn’t live in those cities believes exactly the same things I believe.

Seriously, if I wasn’t so busy ensuring people with a slightly darker complexion than mine weren’t trying to sneak into my country and steal my job, I’d get together with my friends Bubba, Joe, and Bubba-Joe and we’d get our shotguns and go show those anti-american homos in Hollywood how REAL people deal with the kind of crap they’re trying to FORCE our kids–our KIDS–to watch.

Just thinking about those so-called “people” in Hollywood is making me nauseous, even more nauseous than thinking usually makes me. Won’t someone do the right thing and detonate something there so good, God-fearing folk like myself no longer have to concern ourselves with the corrupting garbage they’re peddling to REAL Americans?


Ennyhoo. Coming clean here and now is not the same as taking responsibility for my words at the time I wrote them, and I remain a little bummed that I copped out that I didn't have the guts to attach my name to the post when I wrote it. I think it might have something to do with my worry that what I wrote might possibly be taken seriously by someone. After all, in a thread where a post like this:

"Homosexuals and teenagers hijacked Hollyweird years ago. Millions of people who are still God-fearing got sick and tired of their belief systems bashed on this show year after year by these narcissistic, incestuous idiots. This nation and world are in critical moral freefall and these ‘actors’ and OSCAR are a clear representation of this. So tragic."

is presented with no irony intended (at least none that I can detect), it strikes me as possible that someone doing a quick read of my post could mistake its intention. Especially as it comes in the middle of about 220 posts from people whose beliefs do seem in alignment with "K. Coleman" (if that is his/her real name.)

Oh well. I can't imagine anyone but me cares, but still. I feel I am going to be bugged by this lapse for some time--hopefully slightly less time than I would be if I didn't come clean in some public venue, no matter how insignificant.


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FS said...

While reading the hateful, bigoted (if not murderous) comments from True America First, I laughed out loud at his statement, “Just because they’re well-made films with interesting topics doesn’t mean they’re any GOOD”! But it is important to listen to all opinions-even from the simpletons of the world.

Comment by apple pie — February 21, 2009 @ 10:43 pm