Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This post isn't going to involve me complaining at length about fruitflies. You're welcome.

Some stuff from the "Well it made me laugh" category today:

"This is the sort of comic that would've been useful if you worked at Abu Gharib and were getting tired of boring old rape and electrocution." - Not even close to the funniest line in Tucker Stone's reviews of a few DC Comics from last week, but the funniest I could find that didn't involve profanity (this is a Family Blog. I think about the children.)

"Family Guy got nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy today. It's the first time that an animated show has been nominated in that category since 1961 (when The Flintstones lost to The Jack Benny Show). 1961! Alaska had just become a state. Internet porn about pregnant chicks was still a crazy, futuristic dream. And the leading cause of death in our nation among males age 18 to 40 was whistling at white women." - Family Guy writer Patrick Meighan tries to minimize the degree to which 30 Rock is going to crush his show at the Emmys.

"I remember the good old days at the Zoo, when you could drink and smoke and make out with the animals." - TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE mastermind Michael Kupperman has a twitter account. This is darn near the only thing that could get me to actually go out of my way to read a twitter account. I can't start one, partly because I don't have a cellphone and tweeting without a cellphone seems kind of sad and pathetic, like creating your own wikipedia entry (which I honestly didn't do. I did correct it, though. And the bit about me being a masterful lover? That was all me), and partly because you couldn't write sentences like this one in 140 characters or less, and I write a lot of sentences like this one.

How did I find out about Kupperman's twitter account? From an Onion AV Club interview. Which isn't particularly funny. Kupperman strikes me as someone who's serious about comedy, and he's really good at it. But an interview about being funny and how to make things funny isn't necessarily going to be funny itself. Anyway, to cut what could become a lengthy ramble short, you should run to your nearest comic shop and order TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE Volume One. Like, right now. I'm serious. Go.

This just in from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles showrunner Josh Friedman:


"After years of sharing The San Diego Convention Center venue with Comic-Con, organizers of the JoshFriedmanCon Corp. have decided to finally take the ridiculously lucrative Convention devoted to all things Josh Friedman out on its own...

"'There's a number of reasons we've decided to end our partnership with Comic-Con," says JFCC co-founder Josh Friedman. "It's become clear recently that Comic-Con's interests and Friedman-Con's interests were beginning to diverge. Comic-Con has gradually changed from its early roots as a colorful sanctuary for the comic book industry and its fans to something more akin to a corporate trade show focusing on broader marketing objectives in all corners of entertainment culture. JoshFriedmanCon, on the other hand, has been and will always be singularly devoted to Josh Friedman. And that's what our fans want.'"

Again, I can't really quote the choicest bits without a Mature Readers warning (and come on, how many people reading my blog are actually mature? I know the guy writing it isn't.) Read the rest of the press release here.

Finally, a word to anyone reading this who happens to be going to the Big Con this weekend: while you're standing in lines, sweating profusely, going deaf from Stephenie Meyer fans screaming, and paying frankly insane prices for drinks at the Marriott and Hyatt, I'll be sitting here enjoying the cool breeze of a fan and the gentle purr of one or more of Tiina's animals, and a nice, cool Caesar I didn't have to take a mortgage out to obtain. Even so, I'm insanely jealous of you and I hate you all right now.