Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Future of Comics - Update

THE FUTURE OF COMICS (I), FIONA STAPLES is interviewed by Suzette Chan for the latest edition of Sequential Tart.

THE FUTURE OF COMICS (II), JOHN KEANE has relocated to the wilds of British Columbia, where I predict he will eat lots of venison and over time become a venerable animation veteran.

THE FUTURE OF COMICS (III) NICK JOHNSON has started his first year at the Alberta College of Art (and Design.) I haven't heard boo from him over the last couple of weeks, but expect he's currently occupied scooping his brains off the classroom wall and reinserting them in his recently-exploded head. That's what I was doing in my first month of art college.

As for myself...talking to lots of people about lots of things, some of which may come to something. New migraine meds mean vastly improved CRIPPLING FACEPAIN! (tm) situation and vastly diminished "Sleeping like a human being at night/being fully conscious during the day" situation. Am probably not going to finish reading "The Evolution of God" before it needs to be returned to the library, but am resisting the urge to skip to the end to discover how it all turns out (my theory: he doesn't actually exist). I'm forgetting something. Actually, I'm forgetting almost everything. New television season starting soon--might be able to get back to knowing what day it is without needing to consult a real person.

What else, what else...? Oh, yeah.


Odds are you will never know what that's funny, but even if you did, I doubt you'd find it as funny as I do.

Good night, my little remote carstarters. May your dreams be filled with sexy robot assassins and lemon jell-o.


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Good post. Not kibble good, but good.