Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What happened?

Hey, where the hell have I been...?

The usual places (physical, mental, emotional), but I've been there more than usual lately, which has put a bit of a crimp in posting. When I haven't been busy, I've been preoccupied, and busy or preoccupied I've been in a pretty terrible mood for a variety of reasons, all far too pathetic to moan about in public. And if they're too pathetic for me to moan about, you know they're really pathetic.

Are things changing? Can't really tell. Other than the roof--it will be changing shortly, and it's about damn time. The materials arrived this morning--a giant garbage bin now fills our driveway--which means work should start in the next day or three. Just in time for the long weekend, bugger, I just remembered it's a long weekend, too. I hope they don't tear the old crap off and then take off for three days...

Anyway. My general mood notwithstanding, everything's OKish. Even better than OK, really. Things are starting to feel actually, really possible now.

Anyway. Don't know how much posting I'll be doing for the next couple weeks or more, but in the meantime, I did post something at MightyGodKing, if you're interested.


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