Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'll wake up in 36 hours and not a second earlier.

One more day of shuffling around in a muscle-relaxant induced haze. Back still feels rough, but the sharp pain has more or less disappeared, to be replaced by a severe, but overall much more tolerable, ache.

I actually managed to get quite a bit done this past week, despite my deteriorated physical and mental condition. Just not a lot of blogging. Big week for editing, as finished art for all pages of BLACK JACK O'BREEN and KNIGHTCAP: NOVEMBER'S SONG came in--both under the deadline because I am God's Gift to Comics Editing.



After receiving a spate of press releases touting stuff which hasn't, and may very well never, happen, I've been toying with sending out weekly press releases of my own. Even if I don't have anything newsworthy (at least not newsworthy and true) to announce. Some prospective headlines for future releases:

"Andrew Foley in talks to purchase MicroSoft for $1.00. (Nobody's listening, but he's talking about it.)"

"Andrew Foley in talks with the guy at the McDonalds drive-thru window about the possibility of acquiring a Big Mac."

"Andrew Foley Announces Expanded Personal Hygeine Plan with additional potty breaks on Mondays and Alternate Tuesdays."

"Andrew Foley's Net Worth Estimated at $1.2 million dollars by completely independent firm Foley paid a lot of money to estimate his wealth."

Why not join in the fun? Everybody's doing it (or if they aren't they oughta be.)



"Tell Tiina to get the head-bucket." The Future of Comics (I) Fiona Staples, just after telling me the thing I told her would cause my head to explode if that's what she was about to tell me.



Haven't had enough crazy today? Here's a heapin' helping of insanity to scratch that itch, a little rant by a recovering homosexual who submits to her husband's will and thinks you should do the same*, called Jean Grey is a Whore.

And I thought I was scraping the bottom of the crazy barrel when it came to that "I can tell from watching Firefly that Joss Whedon abuses his wife" post a couple weeks back. This woman is wants to publicly execute fictional characters for cheating on other fictional characters. What a car crash of a blog...

Via !Journalista!

*I'm not sure if she wants everyone in the world to submit to her husband's will or thinks everyone in the world should submit to their husband's will. If the latter, I doubt she means that a gay man should submit to his husband's will, but it's kind of fun to think she does.


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