Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Andrew Gets Overly Excited, Sometimes

Over at LiveJournal, Mad Creative Genius Dan Schaffer teased the release of a DOGWITCH: THE WHOLE SHEBANG book collecting his entire supernatural goth punk sex farce in one volume. This is great news.

Also great news: the first issue of Aaron Williams and the Future of Comics (I) Fiona Staples' new Wildstorm miniseries NORTH 40 is in the current PREVIEWS magazine. And it's being promoted with some actual oomph--I don't know what DC pays for the privilege, but last time I checked, two solid pages of Previews cost more than I generally make in a year. And I have no idea what the Diamond Order Code is! But you should still order it from your local comics retailer!

Especially if your local retailer is Happy Harbor Comics. HH frequently goes the extra mile for the works of local friends of the store, and NORTH 40 is no exception. People who order the miniseries will receive it at 50% HH's fair price (based on the exchange rate the day HH acquires the non-returnable issues.) This ought to mean a lot of orders for North 40 from the Harbor, but bugger-all return for selling them to Jay and Shawna. That's just the kind of people they are.

I'm going to go do a little dance around my office now. Ta!


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