Friday, June 1, 2007


Posted this at the Maple Ink Forums, seemed worth repeating here:

GUTSVILLE #1 is one of the best single issue packages I've come across in some time. With the exception of a single ad on the inside back cover, every page (including the back cover) features GV material. In addition to the standard comic length story*, there's lots of "back matter", including Ray Fawkes' and Fiona's List of Oddities and Curiosities and the first installment of an illustrated prose story in the Arthur Conan Doyle tradition.

Disregarding the book's actual central concept (which I love but can see could be an acquired taste), from a technical standpoint GUTSVILLE #1 is outstanding. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to try and create a small press floppy as a concrete example of How It Should Be Done. Considered as a package, it's right up there with the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN floppies, as far as I'm concerned.**

(*written by Simon Spurrier, art by Frazer Irving)
(**and I'm not just saying that because Fiona's The Future of Comics.***)
(***She is, though.)


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