Tuesday, June 12, 2007

World-weary sigh.

There are days dealing with the business end of my so-called writing career gives me a headache, and this has been one of them. Better a headache than a heartache, I suppose, but one could easily lead to the other.

I don't know which distresses me more, dealing with small-press comic publishers or dealing with lawyers. One costs me energy and the other money, and both are in short supply these days.

Started writing ERSATZ as a screenplay while waiting for the comic deal to fall apart, which seemed inevitable a few hours ago. Now, maybe not...mayyyybe.

And then, when all seems bleak, from out of the blue an old acquaintance pops up with an e-mail address for a Big Publisher Editor and says they've talked to said Editor and he's willing to take a look at something.

I feel like a fish looking at a nice juicy worm, trying to figure out where the hook is before I take a bite.

Tomorrow: INCURSION and revised outline for UP1 40-pager II. Or Death.

Don't ask which I'd prefer.


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