Monday, June 11, 2007


Outline for ERSATZ is done and off. It's the last thing I should be working on at this point, but it was the thing on the To Do Pile that I could get moved on to the next phase of development fastest, and after the (to put it mildly) lackluster work week I had, I really needed to feel like I'd made some progress on something.

Gave myself a deadline of Wednesday night for the revised outline for the final 40-pager of UP1. And then I told the editor that was the deadline. Which he wasn't asking about. But nothing gets me working harder than knowing someone's going to give me grief if I don't.

Also got to deal with the revised revised (revised) outline for INCURSION and get that script rolling at a decent clip.


It's nice that people who make movies like my work; it'd be nicer if people who make movies and have money liked my work. Oh well. Beggars and choosers.


Big congratulations to Happy Harbor Comics for winning the Harry Kremer Outstanding Canadian Comic Retailer Award on Saturday. I have a hard time envisioning a store that deserves it more (but then I must admit I've got a soft spot for the comic shop that bought and sold 10% or more of the total volumes moved of PARTING WAYS and DONE TO DEATH.)


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