Sunday, July 29, 2007

San Diego has come and gone, and I wasn't there. Passes sold out, meaning there were 130,000 or so people jammed into that giant sardine can. I have only one thing to say about not attending:


I must admit, I had some regrets at first--mostly revolving around missing an open bar. But honestly, there's not enough free liquor in the world to make me sorry I missed that mess.

It's going to be a couple days before everyone in the industry recovers and things can get moving again. I've got a ton of stuff on tap: scripting THE HOLIDAY MEN #1 for Nick, scripting a thing for another artist, working on the spec screenplay for the manager, working on SIX SHOTS for Fiona, pushing the manager to tell me what she thinks of the spec pilot script. Still got to put a final polish on the first volume MAXXED OUT! outline.

Busy busy busy. Not a lot of money coming in, but on the other hand the incredible amount that's usually going out around this time isn't leaving right now, so, could be better, could be worse.


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