Sunday, July 1, 2007

To Do List: July 1, 2007

Still waiting to hear back from the manager on ERSATZ and others, and the Big Publisher. Both are now running later than they said they would.

This is not exactly a surprise.

Paying gigs are all on hold at the moment. This is a great opportunity to do a bunch of things I want to do. An opportunity I will doubtless squander, on the grounds that "It's Canada Day!", but still.

Things To Do, in no particular order:

-Get more work on HOLIDAY MEN #1 script for Nick.

-Work on SIX SHOTS proposal, specifically the issues 3-6 outlines.

-Finish writing synopsis for first volume of MAXXED OUT! (outlines for vols 2-4 are already in.)

-Start picking at ERSATZ in some form or another.

-Head back in to the SPOOKY KIDS: INCISION script.

-Catch up on e-mails.

-Check in on the artist for AS REAL AS MONSTERS and see if he's ready to get going.

-Finish outlines for Chimaera's Canadian Champion Contingent and TALES OF STUPEFICTION. Start scripting.

-Get back to the RPG stuff. I actually forgot about that one for the last few weeks. Whoops.

-Do other things I'm probably forgetting I'm supposed to do.

The Not To Do List:

-Go back to bed.

Good night.


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