Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dude, I'm not getting a Dell.

If the second-hand report I heard of the radio report is correct, 900 Edmonton Dell Computer employees had a meeting this morning which they were led to believe would be their introduction to a new boss. What they got instead was a pink slip.

That's a sucky thing in general, a profoundly sucky thing for a couple people I know personally in particular, and if the story of how they received their notice is true, well, what I've got to say about it isn't fit for airing in public. Though the phrase "first against the wall when the revolution comes" would probably be in there.


In other news, it's colder than a witch's broomstick that's been lying out in -40 degree weather for a week here in Edmonton and indeed much of Alberta, and my face hurts. Catscan of my sinuses happens Tuesday.

One of Tiina's ears has been ringing for a couple days, and the doctor has no idea why (though infection seems to have been ruled out.) And her teeth are periodically causing her problems, though the dentist couldn't seem to nail down a reason for that, either.

It could be worse. At least we didn't lose our jobs along with 898 other people today.

"Come meet your new boss." Sometimes I seriously wonder how job-related death numbers aren't through the roof.


On the upside, Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming are bringing one of THE HOLIDAY MEN's spiritual predecessors, AMBUSH BUG, back in a 6-issue miniseries from DC. So that's good.


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