Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Teknikle Diffikultyz

Due to a glitch that has our modem killing and rebooting our internet connection over and over again for no apparent reason, posting will probably be even lighter and more sporadic than usual for the next week or so. E-mail will probably be read, but don't take it personally if a reply isn't terribly prompt--the laptop is completely disconnected from the net, and typing on the desktop is infuriating because I'm generally typing about forty characters ahead of what's onscreen.

Telus says a replacement modem should be here in the next two days. I'll believe it when it's here, but I don't expect this to dent THE HOLIDAY MEN launch date of January 8 at ChemSetComics.com. At least, it better not.

This is probably all for the best, as I'm at borderline sinus infection pain levels in my cheeks and forehead and would only be complaining. Strangely enough, I'm in a good mood in spite of that, doubtless the result of starting the New Year off right at Lindy and Dave's (thanks, guys!) and getting word from The Future of Comics (I) Fiona Staples that she's willing to contribute a one-page piece to a small print-run comic "I've really got to come up with something to call him" Nick Johnson and I are putting together for this year's Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo at the end of April.

More as soon as I can post it without wanting to throw my monitor through the window.


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