Tuesday, January 29, 2008

(What Do I Think of) The Group Dynamic? In a Word: Dynamic."

Calgary's Vicious Ambitious collective of comic creators (of which my HOLIDAY MEN collaborator Nick Johnson is a founding member) have made a mockumentary about themselves, entitled "A Vicious Day's Night", and, in their typically blatant disregard for anything resembling good taste and public morality, put it online for all the world to see.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

AVDN features, among other things, Nick Johnson in his underwear and a cameo by The Future of Comics (I) Fiona Staples. I am not featured in any way, which I think is a major oversight that will cost them in the long run.

Watching this video reminds me of art college.


1 comment:

MR. NICK said...

Heeeey, thanks for the plug, Foley.

We've got another movie in the works, so if we get you in Calgary sometime soon, or if we hit Edmonton, I'll take this as your official request for a cameo.

Can't guarantee any of us will be in our undies, but knowing you, there'll be a half hour or so when your pants will go rogue.