Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quote of the Day

From Scott O. Brown, regarding my upcoming critique a script of his:
"Be honest, and live with your decision, whether it involves success, failure, or my mailing you my head in a box with a printout of your notes shoved in my mouth and the words BLAME ANDREW written on my forehead."

I don't think SOB intended this to be read as a challenge, but I do now feel like I've got something to strive for...



Daniel Andrews said...

Hey Andrew
Its Daniel from the Drink & Draw...Which by the way, will be tomorrow night if you have the time to stop by.
I was just on Nicks blog and saw your last name so I came to check you site out. Lots of cool stuff. A good read for sure.
See ya soon.

Scott said...

Expect a package.