Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quotes of the Day: All-Blasphemy Edition

Was up to four in the morning last night, helping Tiina stress about getting the lettering on the intro to the TOKEN GOBLIN fill-in for the HOLIDAY MEN on the Chemistry Set yesterday. IN addition to that, about an hour ago, my enhanced weather changing sense kicked in (read as, I got a nasty sinus headache.) So nothing Andrew-original's getting posted this evening. Here's a couple of things that made me laugh today, though.

'Don't let people give you a bad time about being a worshipper of Raptor Jesus. If people give you a bad time about accepting Raptor Jesus as your Personal Savior, say to them: "Oh yeah, how would you like it if there was a another Hitler and he came over to kill you!" That will shut people up.' One of the many tips on worshipping the first deity to make me seriously reconsider my devoting my life to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, RAPTOR JESUS. Much more info on the son of God who was hatched into this world to save humankind, and how to worship him, at the link.

"Thank you for taking time out from feeding the poor to complain about comic strips. I know Jesus would have played it the same way." DILBERT creator Scott Adams, responding to a pastor who took offense to his including a character named Jesus (pronounced Hay-Soos) in the strip. Also noteworthy, his defence of the decision not to make fun of Mohammed: "Well, aside from the blindingly obvious reason that I prefer life over death, I didn’t realize I was making fun of Christianity..."


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