Monday, May 19, 2008

Old News, No News, Bad News

Align RightFor those who actually wanted to read the editing blogs but couldn't get through, this link SHOULD work:,com_myblog/blogger,Andrew+Foley/Itemid,110/
Then again, I thought the last link would work, so take that for what it's worth.



T snagges the Veronica Mars S3 DVD set from the library for a non-extendable week. This would've hurt my schedule bad enough on its own. Making it worse? I've discovered the bleak joy of Battlestar Galactica and am no hooked on it, too. I'm trying to convince myself I'm recharging my creative cells, but it isn't really working.

Haven't gone back to do the revision of the first movie spec, though. Instead started work on an animated pilot spec based on something John Keane and I are working on. Even soft-peddling the more disturbing bits for an animated audience, this'll never get past any adult in authority who has kids. Which is a shame, because I'm positive the kids would love it. It's an interesting exercise, anyway, and at least I'm writing SOMEthing.



One of the retailing side of the comics industry's brightest lights passed away today. Rory Root's store, Comic Relief in Berkeley, was so very well thought of by pretty much everyone whose opinion on the matter I ever heard. I know many looked at it as an almost ideal comic book shop; it certainly sounded that way to me. I talked to Rory a handful of times in San Diego and that's pretty much it. I had great respect for him, but I didn't know him. Even so, I feel a real sense of loss right now, as I suspect many in the industry do or will when they hear the news (word of his medical troubles followed by his passing spread through the online comics community like wildfire this afternoon/evening, which I think further points to the high regard in which he was held.)


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