Thursday, October 30, 2008

I must be at a Con...

...I was drinking in a hotel bar last night; I didn't sleep more than two hours in the last 36; and I'm so tired the idea of talking to any human being I'm not married to makes me want to cry.

I am just not built for leaving the house.



T and I decided to spend our anniversary by rebuilding (read as "further demolishing") the bathroom and going to a fantasy convention in an entirely different city, respectively.

It's weird not being with her, but not because it's our fourth anniversary. I'm just so used to being near her that having her not near makes me at least uncomfortable, and frequently thoroughly miserable.

Alleviating some of the negativity is the knowledge that I'd probably be almost as miserable if I stayed at home while the bathroom renovations are going on. I thought about helping the reno effort for about 10 seconds early on. Then I walked through the cloud of dust that hung in front of the bathroom door, and immediately developed a nasty sinus headache.

I probably wouldn't have helped even if I didn't get a headache every time I get within ten feet of the bathroom, but it's nice to have an excuse.

(Also, when it comes to construction, to say my taking part in any active way is "helping" is not the word. I'd give me fifteen minutes before I stepped on an exposed nail that's been rusting away in our bathroom wall since the fifties. This would inevitably lead to a bad case of gangrene followed a last-minute leg amputation to save my life.

This would make Tiina feel horribly guilty and not do much to help getting the bathroom fixed up. On the upside, I think "Hopalong" would be a really cool nickname.)

(I mentioned the I'm really tired thing, right?)


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