Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Edition of The Nobody Tells Me Nothin' Files

Things I discovered today that I might have mentioned earlier if someone had bothered to tell me about them:

1) My friend and sometimes co-writer collaborator Scott O. Brown's graphic novel THEY DO NOT DIE! is being serialized online at Ambrosia Publishing. The gritty B&W art (reminiscent of 2000AD/Vertigo artist Carlos Ezquerra) for the project is by his DEATH VALLEY (Speakeasy, not Boom! version) collaborator Horacio Lallia.

2) The sequel to COWBOYS & ALIENS, C&A: WORLDS AT WAR, is being serialized online This is not the sequel I was writing in late '06--that project was canceled after the departure of the Nordling and McLauchlin editorial regimes at Platinum. I'm not familiar with any of the creators involved and haven't had a chance to read the thing yet (other than series creator Scott Rosenberg, of course), but at the very least the art of seen is a cut above what the first one ended up with, and it looks like the story's being constructed in such a way as to accommodate a monitor. If I understand the approach the company's taking to the sequel correctly, this could be an interesting storytelling experiment. If it doesn't lead the editor to go on a bloody killing spree first, anyway--the organization it's going to require is frightening.



In other news, everybody seems to like Nick Johnson's HOLIDAY MEN promo image, including me. We're working on some other promo stuff before we go public with the team shot, but yeah. Things are coming together.



It seems like everyone out there who would theoretically like to see me do a 24-Hour Comic for charity is unwilling or (more often than not) unable to put any cash towards the charitable donation entry fee to take part in Happy Harbor's event.

Apparently, Rupert Murdoch got his start publishing comics, but do I know him? NO! I know a bunch of other people who're busy trying to scrounge up a hundred bucks to do the event themselves. I should moon you all, I really should.

But I love you, so I won't.


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