Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Well, La-dee-frickin'-da.

A pall of grey desperation hangs over the household. I'm stressed, but that's hardly a plot twist (I think I'm affecting T, though, which is worrisome...things get bad when we both bottom out emotionally at the same time...). I feel like I'm on the edge of...something. Whether it's some measure of progress or a bloody killing spree remains to be seen.

In spite of everything, I'm moving forward, albeit at a pace a sedated turtle would find laughable. New outline for the first volume of MAXXED OUT! (still dont like the extra "X" in Maxx, it reeks of a bunch of old people trying desperately to be hip and failing miserably...) done and off. Spec Film Screenplay II is underway. Want to feel the momentum I did on the first one, but no luck there (yet).

TANGENT: While putting the new spec together, a thought occurred to me, which was this: it's not possible to love someone unless you're satisfied loving no one. You've got to be comfortable with your life before you can seriously hope to bring someone else into it and have it work (and they've got to be satisfied with theirs, too). Then the love that develops is built on a solid foundation, and not desperation. Or something. It felt like I was onto something at the time.

MEANWHILE, BACK ON THE JOB: Working out ideas for a new project, losing artists (the VANQUISHED guy just decided to stop with the whole comic thing, even the project he originated, the guy I had lined up for ERSATZ needs for two other projects to get rejected before he can actually commit to mine), talking to lots of people about lots of things, most critically the New Manager, who's ready to go out with THE SPOOKY KIDS once we lock down the representation agreement.

Meanwhile, the Media Manager has actually given me what may be the first accurate estimate of when she'll get back to me on something; unfortunately, that means I'm in Limbo on that front until late next week...

No excuse not to be working, now. None at all. Lots of stuff is almost happening, but nothing's quite there, yet. But they will get there, sooner or later. THEY WILL.

"Credo quia absurdum."


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