Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Online comics collective THE CHEMISTRY SET has added a couple of new and notable features to their already impressive lineup: THE SURREAL ADVENTURES OF EDGAR ALLAN POO (recently published in a wonderfully packaged album-size trade paperback by Image Comics partner Shadowline), by Dwight MacPherson and artist Thomas Boatwright, and Andrew Drilon's off-the-wall KARE-KARE COMICS. The first strip posted, just for today's debut, has a nice Jasper Fforde quality to it, conceptually.

My understanding is that these are the first of several additions that are going to be made to the site over the next few months. Teaser art for SCOOBY-DOO writer Vito Delsante's FCHS is already appearing in various places.

After a conversation at the Panel & Pixel messageboards re: the economic merit of releasing a miniseries prior to a trade of the same story, I'm seriously wondering if webcomic-to-trade isn't the way to go with non-capes material. No up-front printing costs, audience gets built up online over time, maybe start a few income streams with some merchandising...hmmm...


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