Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I hate being tired. Because when I'm tired, my focus drifts dramatically. Rather than doing anything I ought to have been doing, I was sitting here, staring at the monitor and drooling, and suddenly a new wrinkle on an old concept came to me and all I want to do now is work on something which is of no immediate import whatsoever.


Still. At least I'm still capable of having ideas. That's something, isn't it?



A fascinating 2004 account of the Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada reign at Marvel, and how the company could have made one giant leap for all comickind but settled for one small step for the bottom line by TCJ Journalista! newsblogger Dirk Deppey's.

It actually ties in with something I heard (second-hand) Chris Claremont said regarding his return to The Uncanny X-Men. Paraphrasing, it was something along the lines of Marvel's thoughts on the title being "Grant's gone. Change it all back now."


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