Monday, May 14, 2007


TITUS: HEROIC FAILURE has officially been announced.

Well, kind of. In the link above, Newsarama actually has me as co-writing Chimaera Studios' LONEBOW, which isn't the case. I'm doing the four-issue TITUS: HEROIC FAILURE with Titus creator George Singley and an as-yet-unnamed artist. Well, he's got a name, but it hasn't been made public yet. Publisher is Arcana Studios. The basic pitch:

"They say pride goeth before a fall, and the once-popular, still egomaniacal superhero Titus is taking the mother of all plunges. HEROIC FAILURE chronicles his fall from grace, his attempt to claw his way back into the public's good books, and how that just makes things worse."

In terms of tone, the official soundbite is "Giffen/Dematteis Justice League for The Family Guy generation."

There's more to the series than that--in fact, I'm tempted to say that everything I just said is really kind of irrelevant to what we're really getting at with the book. But I'm going to resist temptation, because that other stuff sounds better and I want to have something to talk about eight months down the line when the series might actually be about to hit the stands.

Anyway. At the link there's an interview with George about his plans for the Chimaera Hero Universe (of which Titus is a part, albeit only nominally in THF's current script) along with some generally favourable response to the idea of a new superhero universe, which, being habitually cynical, kind of surprised me but which I maintain absolutely doesn't mean anything other than a few Newsarama readers took their happy pills this weekend. Optimism is for the weak.

Here's the official press release:

CONTACT: Arcana Studios

Chimaera Studios


“Chimaera Studios to publish new Chimaera Super Hero Universe line at Arcana Comics…Starting the line off with a Chimaera Universe Event mini series!”

May 14, 2007– Arcana Comics is excited to announce that it will be publishing the new and complete Chimaera Hero Universe line from Chimaera Studios beginning late 2007 and throughout 2008.

The Chimaera Hero Universe line will begin with a bang in the form of the Chimaera Event mini series Consortium Of Justice…that will shape the universe for new and old Chimaera readers alike…basically getting everyone in on the “ground floor” and up to speed for the new line of books.

Chimaera Universe new series slated for publication following the Consortium Of Justice event mini series include the titles, Blaze Anderson: Cosmonaut!, The Byzantine, Lonebow, Wargod, Titus, and last but definitely not least…George T Singley’s fan favorite series (previously from Image Comics) Hellhounds! The Hellhounds trade paperback collecting the first 5 issues will be released first then followed closely by an all new Hellhounds series written by George T Singley with amazing new art from Italian phenom Michele Bertilorenzi!

Sean O’Reilly, President of Arcana Comics stated, ”This has been in the works for some time now and we are really excited to be working with George, Chimaera Studios and its Creators. Chimaera Studios houses an extremely talented and professional group of creators, writers, and artists with fantastic stories to tell. The new Chimaera Universe also provides for limitless storylines with interesting Iconic characters…it is truly amazing to see all they have planned out.” He added,” We are proud to offer our publishing services and represent Chimaera Studios. It’s great that they approached us, it’s an honor.”

Says George T. Singley (Creator/Writer/Artist), and President/CEO of Chimaera Studios, “We are happy to call Arcana Comics home. Sean is doing a great job with Arcana and we are excited to add our Chimaera Universe of titles to such a creator friendly publisher…it feels like a perfect fit. I think fans will be excited and truly enjoy all the new series we have in store for them…we have an amazing group of creators working hard and pouring their hearts into these books…we are really pulling out all the stops for this universe line and I think it shows.”

For more information on the various titles being published by Chimaera Studios, including the Chimaera Hero Universe line, please visit…

Also visit the brand new Chimaera Studios Forum and chat with all the Chimaera creators, see exclusive upcoming project artwork, and discuss all things Chimaera and comics…

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