Thursday, May 24, 2007

No Steps Forward Feels Like Two Steps Back

Finally got word from my manager that Paramount didn't pass on PARTING WAYS but also didn't make an offer. This means I've got a bunch of work to do for free that I might've gotten paid for, or, even better paid not to do.

Two minutes after I get that e-mail, I'm informed that She Who Must Be Impressed elected to go with someone else's story.

(If you were curious, She Who Must Be Impressed was Avril Lavigne. I got into a weird headspace a few weeks back and became incredibly superstitious about all sorts of things, including having exactly thirteen unread e-mails in my inbox at any given time and absolutely not mentioning Ms. Lavigne by name in public. As it stands, the various things that would've been jinxed by failing to live up to my completely arbitrary rules have gone the way they're going to go, and I can now return to what passes for normalcy in my life.)

So June's only going to be pretty busy, instead of insanely, stupidly busy. It's also only going to be reasonably lucrative, which isn't as good as it could've been but is a substantial improvement over my average month.

The To Do List at the moment includes:
-finishing a two-page outline of the story for Small Press Publisher A
-revising outline for fourth story for Unusual Project 1
-begin work in earnest on the rewrite of INCURSION for Platinum
-get more script for THE HOLIDAY MEN done for Nick
-get to work on Happy Harbor script

There's probably other things to do, but those are on the top of the pile.



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