Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY's Thomas J. MacLean reports on Platinum Studios' comics publishing plans.

'"This is the 10th anniversary of [starting] our libraries and acquiring all the things we needed to acquire in terms of properties and building up our deals with studios and creating our film slate deal," said Rosenberg. "So maybe it's our 10th, but it's also our first as well."'

Heidi MacDonald on Platinum's relationship with its creators.

'Let’s put it this way: signing away original material as work-for-hire is right up there with sharing needles with AIDS patients, eating blowfish liver, and not wearing a seat belt in a vehicle driven by a New Jersey state trooper our own personal DO NOT DO list.'

I probably want to say something about this, but it would of necessity be a lengthy post, my headache's back, and that stuff doesn't pay the bills, so it waits, possibly for some time (which is kind of apropos, considering the subject matter, ha ha.)

I really need to learn how to do that "pingback" thing...


Finally wrote to Nick Johnson, after he sent a mail asking for confirmation that I'd received his sketches. His mail was much more pleasant than the spanking I deserved, considering I was an incompetent yutz on this one. Sorry, Nick. I won't say it won't happen again, because that'll basically ensure that the cosmos align in such a way that it absolutely will happen again--but I'll try to do better in the future.


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MR. NICK said...

Hey Foley,

If you wanted a spanking, all you had to do was ask.