Friday, October 5, 2007

All Shook Up

Andrew thinking about stuff on the way to visit his Granddad this afternoon:

"What could I have possibly said that pissed XXXX off THAT badly? (check mirror, signal, change lane) And if he was that mad (red light, brake, stop) why didn't he tell me about, why did I only hear about it through back channels? (green light go) Man, it's frustrating knowing someone's pissed off at you (why's the guy in front of me slowing down?) and not being able to talk to them about it because you're not allowed to tell him you know he's mad at you. (oh, he's making a left turn, ok, gently apply brakes, no problem) God, this is so high school. I hate this, I really fuc(that car behind me is coming up onmealittlefastwhyisn'theslowingdownhe's


Minor fender bender. No apparent damage to either car. Neck's a little sore, but I'm pretty sure it'll pass. Exchangef insurance info with the guy who hit me. Realized the pink slip in the glove compartment says insurance ended in August even though money continues to be withdrawn from the appropriate account.

Mood's in the toilet. I'm going to be revisiting that 30 seconds in my mind every couple minutes for the next week (and that's if I'm lucky--I still dwell on the time I didn't break my ankle jumping off my bed seven years ago).

Didn't go visit Granddad. Went and got Data from his latest trip to the vet's and took him home.

No place to go but up, right?

Have you ever read this blog before?

When I get home I call the insurance company, tell them my pink slip is out of date. Put on hold and made to wait fifteen minutes... I can leave a recording a message and they'll call me back.

This is why I strive never to leave my house and/or talk to anyone who isn't married to me, a direct blood relation, or walks around on all fours and has no opposable thumbs.


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