Monday, October 8, 2007


At around 3:00 this morning I was unable to sleep. After a few weeks turning it over in my mind, I finally found the missing element that would make the new spec pilot script work. I was so excited I couldn't actually get to sleep without medicinal assistance.

Woke up late, spent (Canadian) Thanksgiving afternoon at the in-laws. Came home, ready to get to work. Or at least, ready to think about getting to work. And then, without warning...

...I discover that an American network called F/X is already doing a show far too close to what I was planning for comfort.

As far as I can tell, the existing show comes from an entirely different philosophical place than my spec would've. The execution, from what I've gleaned from Youtube and Wikipedia, would be vastly different. But on paper...not the same show, but too darn close to bother writing the spec.


Oh well. Back to THE KIDS. And THE HOLIDAY MEN. And...

And I really wanted to write that spec.



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