Friday, October 12, 2007

Hey, Something...

...feel free to happen any time now.



First draft of the second episode of THE HOLIDAY MEN is done and off to Nick Johnson.

Nick Johnson's penciled the first page of THE HOLIDAY MEN. Which made me laugh out loud for three solid minutes the first time I looked at it. And another minute more when I looked at it again a few hours later. Now we just need to see if Nick's actually able to manage the two-pages-a-week schedule we need to make the Official Announcement.

T's working on the promo images for THM.

John Keane just delivered the seventh page of BadBoy.

No word from Unusual Project 1's publisher. Question: Are there ANY publishers in the lower echelons of the comic industry that don't suck? Answer: Doesn't look like it.



This weekend T and I will be attending the first sci-fi con we've gone to solely as fans since I invited her down to Calgary to take part in comics panels for Con-Version. Nick Johnson and the rest of the Vicious Ambitious crew will be there, as will The Future of Comics (I) Fiona Staples and Devon Jopling. Should be fun, not having to do anything but enjoy myself.

So why am I nervous?


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