Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Context is for the Weak



I quite like the "DIY" goggles/wrench/work gloves aspect of this approach, but I think I'd still like to see her in a lab coat, at least initially. Maybe to distinguish her from Alicia a bit we could show her being a little less pristine--grease smudges, slightly dirty lab coat (maybe even with burnt patches at some point,implying something happened--actually, hold off on that one, I think we can use it as a gag later on)?

I have been picturing her more as a brainy, precocious type--someone with an ego which springs from knowing she's the smartest person in the room. Which isn't something precluded by this design, admittedly.

OK. If you can give me the lab coat, I think I can take this and eventually, I think, embrace it. It's not where I was coming from, but it's a valid point from a design POV and it adds to the character without subtracting/contradicting it. Go for it.

(If this mail seems a little abrupt, I just woke up and am typing this before getting out of bed.)



i'd still like a lab coat...



i yam what i yam.

i'm tired.

and hungry.

this is a dilemma i must do something about.

but what...?!?!?!



love it.

i feel like an irregularly shaped tuber. as opposed to the tubers with standard shapes.

need to eat more than sleep, i've decided. nowthe hard part...getting out of a nice warm bed and venturing into a bitterly cold kitchen...maybe i should put clothes on first. but i'd just have to take them off again when i go to the office...



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