Thursday, September 4, 2008

Krazy Kirkman's Kall to Kreators!

(This one's strictly for comics folk. Sorry, Mum.)

"Anyway, back to that Kirkman video. I liked it better when Warren Ellis did it, because at least he was profane. Kirkman is just way too sober. I mean, depressingly so. If I wanted to watch some sad, bearded, pasty white guy blat on about comics, I’d read my my monologues in to a mirror again." Brad Curran, talking about Robert Kirkman's call to Big-Name Comic Creators to abandon WFH material in favour of creator-owned material he (Kirkman, not Curran) would probably prefer get published by Image.

Speaking of Kirkman's video, The Future of Comics (I) Fiona Staples brought it up at the Canadian Geek messageboards, which led to a bit of a tete-a-tete between her, Happy Harbor's Jay Bardyla, and, later on, me (among others) on the merits of the idea - which I believe most of us agree isn't going to happen anytime soon, regardless of its potential positive or negative effect on "the industry". In the exchange I think Jay and I both come off looking a bit like curmudgeonly grumps being grumpy about different things. Is the disconnect in our positions between the perspective of the successful retailer and the frustrated creator? Or just a realistic optimist vs. a cynical pessimist?* You be the judge.


*Actually, I feel comfortable stating at least some of it's comics fan vs. devil's advocate.

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FS said...

Wow. If Jay is an optimist, what does that make me? Hahahaha...