Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Arsonist Lullaby

Apparently, a week or so after the Great Dial-A-Doper Sweep of '08, there was some sort of press conference this morning to announce that 20 people involved with the series of arsons sweeping our neighbourhood and a couple others in the city had been rounded up.

Judging by the burning tent trailer three houses down, the fire truck blocking our garage door, and the reporters swarming the alley out back, there were at least 21 people involved with the arsons.

I'm actually kind of surprised it isn't our place that got lit up--if I was an arsonist our unkempt lawn, piles of dry branches, and numerous trees in various states of dying would be an irresistible target.

Stupid arsonists.


THINGS FALL APART SOME MORE founder Dylan Squires leaves Platinum. of the few sources of real income for independent comic publishers online--has shut down for a month while it arranges to go global--and retools its content deals.

As it'd be just really neat to actually make some money off my comics for a change, I'd seriously considered putting PARTING WAYS up on Wowio. The main thing holding me back (other than the hope that I can get the book into print again at a new publisher) was their hiring a fundamentalist Christian homophobe as their comics point man. I'd actually be kind of happy if they never opened up again; moral quandaries suck.


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