Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nothing To Do With Me

DOGWITCH Vol.3: MOOD SWINGS hits the shelves of your finer comics retailing emporia tomorrow. I've been waiting for this concluding collection of Daniel Schaffer's black magic gothpunk sex farce for a loooong time now. I'm thrilled--like, hello kitty schoolgirl giddy, it's really kind of embarrassing--that whatever issues kept it from being released were resolved and that Image had the wisdom (I almost typed "good taste" there, but that seems somehow...wrong when talking about DW) to release the book. Hopefully this'll lead to a new printing of the first volume, which is, to the best of my knowledge, no longer available. It's also worth noting that DWv2 is solicited from original publisher Sirius Comics in this month's Previews.

Schaffer's got a thirteen page DW story, Hot Spell, on his site, if you aren't quite sure if this is your bag. But if it isn't, it ought to be.

According to some sources, THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS OMNIBUS was coming out tomorrow. According to MY source, it isn't. And seeing as my source owns the comic shop where I plan to purchase said Omnibus, I'm inclined to take him at his word.

My good friend and sometime collaborator Scott O. Brown has thrown his hat into DC Comics' Zuda ring, with RED ICE , a sci-fi adventure tale written by SOB and drawn by his frequent collaborator Horacio Lalia. SOB's been wanting to do this story practically since I met him, so I hope it does well enough to continue through to its conclusion.



For all the people who've been asking me asking about the Platinum Studios situation: I have no idea what's going on over there. Outside of SOB, who I believe still does the occasional lettering/writing job for them, I've had no communication with anyone at the company for months--and SOB's a freelancer who doesn't really know what's going on either, at least not as far as I've heard. So please stop e-mailing me about this.

I will say that I hope DJ Coffman's successful in either regaining the rights to HERO BY NIGHT or that some other arrangement is made whereby he could continue working on the book. I've only shared a few e-mails with the guy, but his passion for the project--for comics in general, really--is as heart-felt as it is obvious.



Scripts I completed for Platinum that will never be produced as comics: JEREMIAH: THE LAST EMPIRE (and boy, does that one hurt) and RETURN OF THE WRAITH

Scripts I completed that could potentially see the light of day in the form they were intended: AGE OF KINGS (which has been fully drawn and lettered for some time) and CRIMSON ROSE

Projects I created that were acquired by the company: JEST CAUSE (still one of my top 5 favourite personally written scripts), CONVICTION, DWELLERS, A FAMILY AFFAIR.

Projects I co-created for Platinum that have been returned to me and my co-writers (something I deeply appreciate, as Platinum was under no legal or even moral obligation to give them back and did anyway): THREADS and EARLY McKAY Vs. THE MORPHEUS MACHINE

And, just for fun, projects I pitched to Platinum that were rejected: PARTING WAYS, DONE TO DEATH, BadBoy, GEMINI, MASTER OF THE HOUSE


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