Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stuff and Nonsense, 12/06/2008

Scott O. Brown offers his choice for the greatest sentence ever . I still maintain the greatest sentence ever is something like "Here's your five million Canadian dollars, Andrew Foley; no, seriously, I'm not joking, this is real money and it's all yours, please take it."

Over at Nick Johnson's blog, Nick Soup, he's been showing off some designs from the upcoming second episode of THE HOLIDAY MEN.

Steven Grant talks about small press publisher warning signs creators should be wary of. A must-read for anyone thinking of getting into the business.

Potential McCain Vice President Candidate Bobby Jindal apparently experimented with spontaneous exorcism in college. Fill in your own "An exorcist is just what the White House needs right now" joke here.



Two e-mail subject headers that have shown up in the ol' inbox over the last few days that amuse and frighten me:

"Visual Gifts to Stimulate Your Rods and Cones!" - which somehow sounds much naughtier than it actually is, and

"I hate comics with my penis!" - which doesn't.


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