Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reasons I Love My Wife, #4583

The scene is the line for admitting area for the Misericordia Hospital, just past midnight. Andrew sits on a chair, obviously in agony. Tiina hovers over his shoulder. A nurse (I think she was a nurse) is just finishing asking some questions you'd think she'd know the answer to, seeing as Andrew was here around a year ago for exactly the same thing, albeit a slightly less excruciating form of it.

NURSE: Do you still live at that place with all the drug deals in front of it?


TIINA: But the cops did a sweep and arrested thirty people in the last week, so there aren't as many drug deals now.

NURSE: Oh, that must be why he didn't show--uh, birthday?

ANDREW: June--today, actually.

NURSE: Happy birthday.

ANDREW: Thanks.

NURSE: Do you know what caused the pain?

TIINA: Karma?


That was the only time I laughed all night.



The nurse didn't really call our house the place where all the drug deals took place. But the cops apparently did do a sweep of the neighbourhood and arrest more than twenty "Dial-a-Dopers". I guess that explains the weird, chatty woman who started an impromptu conversation with me and T for five minutes just as we were about to drive away the other day.


Hmmm. I wonder what the start-up costs for a drug-dealing operation are? Looks like the area's got a niche that needs filling...

(That's a joke, BTW. I'm paranoid enough when I'm not doing anything naughty. If I actually did something illegal, my head would explode the first time I saw a police car.)


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