Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Embrace My Density

For those who just can't get enough of my blathering, the latest installment of my Zeros2Heroes editorial production blog, DENSE FOLEYAGE, is now up. This week, I spend a thousand words explaining why I don't have anything to say. And lying through my teeth at almost every opportunity. It's kind of fun, actually. If I knew who owned the darn things, I'd probably just go ahead and cross-post that one here. But I don't, so at the Z2H site it stays.


In other news, the ever-lovable Nick Johnson and I are both getting increasingly excited about this proposed Zuda comic we're putting together. It hasn't been decided whether to wait till more work's been done on THE HOLIDAY MEN Episode Two: FOR WHOM THE SLEIGH BELL TOLLS or just plunge right in to the new thing, but the really irritating thing is, in e-mailing back and forth with Nick, I've got the rough shape of a larger storyline than our original eight screens in mind for the character. And it's such a fun, stupid idea that I now really, really want to do it. Which defeats the whole purpose of what I was aiming to do with this thing, which was produce something that I could be satisfied existing as only eight screens.

The muse is laughing at me. SHE'S LAUGHING.


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