Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hate is a four-letter word. Wanna fight about it?

I am tired and full of hate right now. I've been tired all day; the hate just set in about three minutes ago. It was odd. I could actually feel my mood shift, intellectually grasp that it was doing so for no good reason, really, and yet find myself unable to stop the change from coming.

And now I'm just seething with fury at everything in general and nothing in particular. I'm going to blame this on a bad dairy reaction and leave it at that. In fact, I'm going to blame this whole stupid unproductive week on Bad Dairy (except for today, when I actually had a legitimate excuse not to produce something, which I'd think was nice for a change if I wasn't so consumed with negativity that I refuse to acknowledge the existence of niceness at the moment.)

Of course, life could be worse. I could be this person, whose negativity towards something that should in the absolute worst case be easily ignored, inspires and humbles my own efforts towards complete misanthropy. I look forward to the day when something I write which includes something less than pleasant happening to a female character is taken as evidence that I abuse my wife. Hell, I'd probably try and find a way to use such a review as a cover blurb, at least till someone with more commercial sense than me pointed out that some people might not see the humour in plastering baseless accusations of abhorrent and/or illegal behaviour on the cover of my latest soon-to-be-very-much-not-bestselling book.

And having written a version of that last paragraph that sucks slightly less than the first ten attempts, I find myself in a somewhat better mood. Crikey. My emotional alignment is shifting faster than today's weather, which got me both a mild sunburn and then drenched by rain inside a ten-minute period.

The latest installment of my editorial production blog, DENSE FOLEYAGE #1.8: What, Me Worry?, is now up at Zeros2Heroes. I've been trying to find out whether they're technically considered WFH or if I'm allowed to crosspost them here. Not that I would crosspost most of them here, I think, but once in awhile they meander into territory someone who isn't part of the Z2H community might be interested in. This week I ramble on about deadlines and a bit about the bright side of worrying incessantly about every little thing. Fortunately, I wrote it before a fiery hate enveloped my soul. That sort of thing probably wouldn't be smiled upon by my superiors at the company. Might be funny, though...


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